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Founding Mother

Founding Mother

Doris A. Maldonado

Hermana Unica

Michelle Caba

Hermana India Borinquena

National Herstory

In 1997, two womyn, on a quest to form an ideal system of sisterhood, knowledge, and support, collaborated on the endeavor that would forge the legacy of Alpha Sigma Omega Latina Sorority, Inc.

​Syracuse University alumnus Doris A. Maldonado and senior Michelle Caba spent countless weeks and hours searching and researching the Greek system of sisterhood and brotherhood, only to find that no organization truly encompassed all of their needs, wants, and beliefs. They set forth to create an organization that derived from and promoted awareness, academic excellence, community service, physical, legal, and political education. 

Throughout this search, they were fortunate enough to find other women in search for justice and truth. In their quest they came across a woman capable of upholding and reciprocating the interests and loyalties of Alpha Sigma Omega and her community, and as such, became Alpha Chapter Founding Sister Elizabeth Cifuentes. 


Through solidarity each individual, unique in her ways, contributed to the authenticity that Alpha Sigma Omega abides by today and always. We have each seen and experienced prejudice, injustice, discrimination, and sexual inequity.

Alpha Sigma Omega Latina Sorority, Inc. was born on April 26, 1997, and as such this day and the 26th of each month is recognized as our "Sister Day" or "Dia de la Hermandad".

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